When it's Time to Leave,

Go Out the Way You Lived.

We all have to go, so why not go the way you lived? The bikers here at YourFinalRide have a customized ride that can make sure you’re carried to your resting place in the style you’re accustomed to.

From the funeral home to the church or graveyard, we’ll make sure that you’ll have the air flowing by and the rumble below. The entire process will be handled with care and respect to you and yours. But you won’t be boxed in in the back of a black cage for your final ride.

So why take your final ride in a caddy?

Your Final Ride is a Pittsburgh based motorcycle funeral service, offering a unique funeral experience to our biker brethren.

The Harley Hearse will carry the fallen from the funeral service to their final resting place. Final Rides can be customized to meet the wishes of the departed or their family or friends to provide a memorial fitting for those we lost.

It’s always been a special relationship for you; You, your ride and the road. Some people just don’t get it, others don’t want to get it. 

You rode it to Sturgis, did dice runs from here to the mountains and back and spent more time on the bike more than off. 

Have you decided to take your final ride on a Harley? Be sure to make your wishes known.

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