Your Final Ride Bringing A New Funeral Concept To Pittsburgh

Vinnie standing by motorcycle hearse
Author: Vinnie Borrelli Published On: 2022-03-01

Your Final Ride, owned by the husband and wife team Vinnie and Nicole Borrelli, is bringing the Pittsburgh area a new way to plan their funeral wishes.

This motorcycle funeral service will allow bikers to be carried to their final resting place in style with a Harley hearse. With his passion for motorcycles and avid riding experience, Vinnie and his wife Nicole saw this as an opportunity to provide a unique and compassionate service to the area.

“I often encourage people to follow their dreams and desires; if your desire was to leave the way you lived, I thought this was a great opportunity to help bikers fulfill their dreams. Being a biker and having many friends that are bikers, I was able to relate to the concept,” said Vinnie Borrelli, owner, and rider, at your Final Ride.

At Your Final Ride, a clean Harley hearse will come to the designated location, such as a church or funeral home, and will transport coffin or urn to the locations that a conventional hearse would go, such as the cemetery. Your Final ride will also coordinate with other bikers who wish to join the procession.

“We feel that the funeral industry is changing, and traditional funerals are becoming a thing of the past. We agreed that the thought of a loved one spending their final hour or so celebrating their life by being alone in the back of a car in a box was unsettling,” said Vinnie.

Nicole at Your Final Ride works directly with the funeral home to get the dates and time and schedules the rider and bike for the funeral. She works to ensure all the arrangements are made for Your Final Ride.

“We were excited when presented with the opportunity to offer a unique experience. We thought that the concept was worthy of being thrown into the arena with the other unique ways that people’s lives here on earth are being celebrated. It is definitely becoming an increasingly growing opportunity,” said Vinnie.

Those who wish to use this service can also plan for transportation for their loved ones provided by Your Final Ride. Vinnie is an ordained minister who can also be scheduled to officiate the ceremony at the church or cemetery as part of their custom packages.

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