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Who We Are

Your Final Ride is owned by Vinnie and Nicole, a local couple both born and raised in the inner city of Pittsburgh. Vinnie’s love for the open road has led them to this venture where they can use their knowledge and compassion to bring a unique flair to the funeral industry.

Vinnie has ridden a motorcycle since he was 16, so when presented this opportunity, he found it to be an intriguing, useful, and unique concept for changing the funeral scene. Your Final Ride brings a creative approach to your final resting place, fulfilling a need for creativity in the funeral industry.

Vinnie’s Role at Your Final Ride

Vinnie is an established author and motivational speaker, offering a unique perspective on the concept of death. He is an ordained minister that can drive the deceased on the motorcycle hearse as well as officiate the service at the church or gravesite. Vinnie is very familiar with the grieving process and is knowledgeable on how to ease the pain in the mind of the loved ones you are leaving behind. He will deliver the message in a caring and gentle way and make sure all your wishes are carried out.

Nicole’s Role at Your Final Ride

Nicole will contact you to set up all the aspects of the burial planning. She will work closely with you to help you to organize your paperwork and schedule the itinerary you would like to set up for that day. From start to finish, Nicole will ensure your journey to your final resting place is carried out exactly how you wish.

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